Bird & Bird – Energy & Utilities 2024

Læs om udfordringer og muligheder inden for bl.a. vedvarende energi, energilagring, brint og digitalisering i Bird & Bird Outlook – jf intro  nedenfor – du finder rapporten her:

Bird & Bird:

We’re delighted to introduce the second edition of our Energy Outlook report, where our global Energy & Utilities team anticipate the important developments across key areas of the sector and give an invaluable oversight of the Energy & Utilities market in 2024.

The Energy & Utilities sector is changing rapidly as governments and the private sector continue to keep up with the demands of the transition to a net zero system by 2050. With fears around a pricing crisis subsiding, there has been a positive shift back to the energy transition. Energy transition strategies must balance decisions and actions to achieve net zero targets with other priorities including energy security and affordability. The agreement at COP28 provided positive energy transition signals including a pledge for the tripling of renewable energy by 2030 and a doubling in the average annual rate of energy efficiency improvements — all key factors in achieving net zero by 2050.

This year’s Energy Outlook brings together significant themes across the energy system, with chapters on:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Digitalisation
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Networks and Grids
  • Energy Storage and EVs
  • Energy Management
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Oil and Gas

Over the following pages we highlight and assess how these market trends and government policies are going to set the agenda for 2024. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and feel enthused about the year ahead in the energy sector, with exciting developments right across the fascinating areas in which we work – bird-and-bird-energy-outlook-2024.pdf (

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