Hæderfuld omtale

Innovativt offentlig transport udbud i København giver hædrende omtale.


Greening public transportation through innovation procurement

The municipality of Copenhagen aims to become climate neutral in 2025. Working towards this goal, the city joined a procurement procedure with 19 other public authorities to award a framework contract for electric, hydrogen and plug-in vehicles. A market dialogue process allowed the public authorities to negotiate options for leasing and to specify technical requirements. The city also wanted to ensure it can purchase the newest technology in the green mobility sector, which is why subcontracts for vehicles about to enter the market are possible within the framework agreement.

The tender was awarded to 5 bidding parties. So called mini-tenders are possible within the framework agreement, on which all five parties can compete, to ensure ongoing competition and reap the benefits of falling prices. Procuring green vehicles has already led to almost 20 tons of CO2 reductions and a decrease in energy consumption by more than 25%

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